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The Botanical Tower Company® is based loosely upon a simple timber structure that we constructed several years ago, in an effort to add natural lighting along the entry path to our home.                                                         Simplicity of form and quality construction were the order of the day back then, and today, they are our foundation.    Our product is intended to give the homeowner the option to express themselves outside of the limitations associated with a single purpose apparatus such as a shepherd's hook or a trellis.
By combining the utility of a shepherd's hook, the functionality of a trellis, and the architectural interest and quality of a fine cedar pergola or arbor, the homeowner now has an exterior platform that is worthy of their creative efforts, and befittingly at home along the entry of any residence, regardless of style, volume, or locality.          Today, there are several designs from which to choose from, and over the years, we have adopted an earth friendly agenda that we apply to all aspects of the product and packaging.
Botanical Towers® have been granted patent and trademark protection by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
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