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Serenity Botanical Tower / front view

se·ren·i·ty [suh-ren-i-tee] the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

Serenity Botanical Tower

  • Tuscan architecture, particularly garden and pergola design, is the inspiration behind the Serenity Botanical Tower ®  Emphasizing elements derived from the “Tuscan order” of design, the overall feel is that of being perhaps the most ornate Botanical Tower, conjuring up images of grape vine and Florence.
    Hand finished cedar columns complimented by cast iron joinery, complete the theme.

    Train Clematis to grow along it’s surfaces, all the while inviting displays of seasonal décor and regional style.

    Can be painted or stained to match any décor, or try a simple lemon oil rub to enhance color definition and contrast.

    24” planting depth, 72” X 22” installed, creating three 15” X 15” display areas.

    Aromatic Eastern Red Cedar complimented by cast iron brackets mate from 100% recycled content.

    United States Patent # D570 498 S

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