Harmony Botanical Tower DIY Blueprint / Metric

The Harmony Botanical Tower DIY Blueprint (Metric) contains all of the information needed to create a genuine Botanical Tower, to include a wood cut list, cutting and drilling specifications, all recommended hardware, as well as a template that can be cut out and traced to make an accurate decorative Botanical Tower top.

The PDF download is formatted to be printed as a 24" X 36" blueprint, enabling the use of the included template.

Most office supply stores and print shops can quickly and inexpensively print in this format while you wait,  with prices here in the USA averaging $5

Another option, if you don't mind doing a bit of taping, is to print the blueprint in a method known as "tiling", which converts the 24" X 36" blueprint to an image consisting of (8) pieces of standard printer paper, or "tiles".

You can do this via many methods, but we suggest giving  https://rasterbator.net  a try.

Their service is FREE, but they do accept donations.


Note: You will receive a link to download the PDF file, located in the "Thank You" page portion of the checkout, along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.

Harmony Botanical Tower DIY Blueprint / Metric

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    Take the guesswork out of building your own Botanical Tower with our Botanical Tower DIY Blueprint, complete with an included materials list, Tower top cutting template, and all measurements needed to create an aesthetically correct, and genuine, Botanical Tower !